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Best buying and customer service experience ever

I was looking for something special for my 30 year wedding anniversary, and decided to visit Quinn's Goldsmith for the first time. I am so glad I did, from the moment I walked into the store I felt like I was being treated like royalty. Maggie and Laura do a tremendous job representing Quinn's. They truly care about a client's needs and are knowledgeable and affable. I worked with Terry to design the ring and he is just amazing as a master goldsmith who truly cares about his craft and it shows. His attention to detail is second to none. My wife fell in love with her new ring and I have found my jeweler for life. If you are looking for fine jewelry and world-class customer service, skip Tiffany's and head directly to Quinn's. You will not be disappointed. My many thanks to Maggie and Terry.


I got engaged this weekend to the most wonderful woman and it all came together in large part because of the quality of service and amazing ring I was so lucky to find with the people at Quinn's. Maggie and Laura were absolutely joys to work with and Terry was as kind and generous with his time and help as one could ever ask for. Thanks so much to everyone at Quinn's, we so look forward to working with you again in future!


We could not be more pleased with our purchase and experience at Quinn's. Ken helped us select the perfect ring to bring back more sparkle to my engagement diamond and Reza was able to set the stone the same afternoon so that it was available for us to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. I know we will be back in the future.

Lynne and Steve

I had a great purchasing experience at Quinn's in Woodbridge! I was in search of a special ring for a special lady (my wife). The staff was very helpful and professional . Their quality of product is first rate and their customer service is first class. I did not go to Jared's...I went to Quinn's!!

Chip Austin

Ken and Danielle are the best. Ken's knowledge of diamonds and settings was incredible, and he helped us find just the right stone and ring. Danielle was equally invaluable in helping us know what was possible. Icing on the cake: the ring will have it ready in a mere two days--in time for Christmas Eve. If you go anywhere else but Quinn's, or see anyone else but Ken and Danielle, you'll miss the best!

Art M.

I just recently purchased an engagement ring from Quinn's. The sales associate, Patrick, was very knowledgeable and helpful in picking out the perfect ring. I definitely recommend Quinn's to anyone looking for great service without the pressure associated with the big named stores.


I just wanted to thank the wonderful people at Quinn's for their great customer care. I brought in a pair of 18kt. gold earrings that belonged to my mother. I wore them everyday. One had fallen off my dresser and I stepped on it. It was so mangled I thought there was no hope of repair. I was so upset. To my surprise Quinn's was able to make them look better than new! Thank you so much!


Hi! I just wanted to thank you all for taking such good care of us with our wedding set cleaning, sizing and repairs. We were blown away by your amazing customer service and how kind and gracious you were. We really appreciate your willingness to go above and beyond and our jewelry looks gorgeous! We will keep coming back again and again because of your outstanding customer service and your quality. You are all amazing and we are very grateful! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Sincerely, Amy


Last night I had the pleasure of attending Terry's Custom Design Seminar at the Woodbridge store. I was very definitely impressed! I knew there was a lot of work put into the completion of a custom designed piece but I never realized the amount of time and technical skill required to complete a project. Terry provided a great Powerpoint presentation that showed each step necessary to bring an idea from concept through delivery to the customer. This was a great presentation and I strongly recommend you attend if it is offered again.

Bill Joseph

Terry did a fabulous job of creating a custom mount for a rather large shark's tooth that I had found on a beach in NC. The mount matched my chain to a "T". Terry somehow managed to create a mount that was strong enough to hold such a large item, yet small enough so as not to minimize the tooth. Quinn's will receive all of my future custom jewelry business.

Mike M

I have been thoroughly impressed with Quinn's customer service, specifically Ken Sutts. Getting married for the first time I knew nothing about ring shopping, sizing, etc. With this I have been rather indecisive and nervous. Quinn's not only helped me pick out the rings, but when I came back a second, and then third time to get the rings resized because I was nervous, they were extremely patient and helpful. Furthermore, on my third time getting the rings resized they overnighted the rings to the store so that they would be there in time for the wedding. While I recognize that the constant resizing is more due to my pre-wedding jitters, it meant a lot that the staff at Quinn's went out of their way to ensure that I am comfortable with my wedding rings. The military discount was also a huge plus!

Aaron Hale

I walked into Quinn's in search of an engagement ring and walked out with a beautiful ring purchased the same day. My experience with Maggie was excellent and she did not pressure me at all and understood how special I want the ring to be. I am glad I took the time to visit after a family friend suggested we see what Quinn's had to offer. They exceeded my expectations and will certainly recommend Quinn's to any friends who may be in the market for a ring in the future. Thank you, Maggie!

Joey K

Ask for Maggie if you want an expert eye and a thoughtful opinion on your jewelry. My husband and I needed some enlargements on our wedding bands for our 35th wedding anniversary, plus we had a collection of estate jewelry we knew nothing about. Maggie spent over an hour peering through her magnifying glass while she quietly studied each individual piece. She provided us some very valuable information about these pieces plus some educated advice. Thank you, Maggie! We'll be back.

Nancy Kyme

With only 5 days until my son's wedding I came in asking for a ring to be sized in 48 hours. I had just come across my recently deceased mother's jewelry and wanted to wear her diamond cocktail ring to the wedding. She had designed the ring and wearing it would be like having a piece of her in attendance. When Ken heard the circumstances and saw the sentimental importance wearing the ring held for our family, he helped make it happen. Thank you so much Ken and Quinn's Goldsmith.


Personalized service, fair prices (esp considering the devoted service!), and custom creations!

Rachael & Reza are awesome! Immediately upon walking into Quinn's and being welcomed you know you've come to the right place.

Rachael is a pleasure and joy to work with. Everything done to help us was beyond our expectations- from cordiality, to presenting different options based on budget, timeline, favorite design features, etc., to working with me on the perfect custom design, to educating me on different types of jewelry and stones, and everything else in between including communicating every step of the way until the final piece was finished. She really makes her customers feel valued and appreciated, and even bugged/pushed several times on my behalf to get it ready for primetime as swiftly as reasonably possible :)

Reza really goes the extra mile to make the customer as happy as possible and to create the perfect piece tailored to the customer's desires, whether you have just general requirements or know most of the details of what you want. His friendliness, graciousness, and ability to select the nicest stones per your specifications are exceeded only by his design skills, talent, artistry, and perfection in his final, breathtaking piece. He truly is a wizard! He even offers to change anything you want different that doesn't live up to your exact vision (beyond just resizing), not to mention they provide free pro cleanings for life :)

Thank you Quinn's for helping me write my love story!:D

Peter F

Everyone here is amazing. My fiance and I had the pleasure of working with Vijay and the owner, Terry. We were shopping for a new engagement ring for me (my original was purchased from a small jeweler and a huge mistake). We were a little skeptical of small business because of the problems we had with our last jeweler. We told Terry and Vijay about our issues and let them know that we had gotten ourselves into trouble because we knew NOTHING about diamonds. Terry took the time to give us a great lesson on diamonds, what to look for, what to avoid. We really appreciated this. He was honest with us and more than fair. Vijay took the time to show me everything, and was incredibly patient with me, as I made him pull out almost every engagement ring, and then put it back, and pull it out again.

Terry's passion about his work is incredible. The entire staff is amazing. We could not have dreamed of having a better experience! I can't say enough about Terry's amazing customer service, friendliness, and fairness.

Though we haven't bought anything yet, we will definitely be back in the near future to shop with Quinn's, and I will certainly recommend it to everyone I know.

Katelyn B.

I have been doing business with Quinn's for nearly 10 years. Everything I own is from them. They do beautiful custom work as well. Terry and Reza and the rest of the staff are always friendly and most helpful. I always feel like a very important customer whether I am spending $25 for a repair or $5000 on my anniversary gift.

Beth O.

I absolutely love Quinns! Whenever I walk in they know me by name. I always feel welcomed and appreciated. When my husband and I met, we ran off to CA and eloped. We hadnt really planned on spending a ton of money on a wedding ring but we were able to buy really nice bands and run off into the sunset together happy with our choice (Thanks Sydney). A year later we went back to Quinns and had Reza make a wedding ring that matched my eternity band. He did the most amazing job matching them perfectly! I get more compliments on those rings.

Years later my husband is a regular at Quinns too. Mostly for me - because he isnt really a jewelry guy, but I have a wish list at Quinns so he doesnt have to guess what I want for my birthday or Christmas. The staff is friendly. Terry (the owner) is awesome. I recommend Quinns to anyone looking for top notch diamonds or one of a kind jewelry.

Whiskey's M.

Sydney at Quinn's is the best. I always get my jewelry from her. She has come to know what I like in jewelry and makes excellent suggestions. She is proactive and customer service oriented. She always goes above and beyond to make me happy. When I was buying my engagement ring she had them swap out a diamond in the band for a nicer one without me even asking because she didn't like the way it looked. When you go to Quinn's, ask for Sydney. She won't disappoint.

Susan S.

I recently wanted to upgrade my engagement ring and was referred to Quinn's Goldsmith by a friend. I was very impressed with the knowledgeable and courteous sales person who assisted me. The experience was very positive and I would definitely recommend the store to others.

Beth O.

I just want to say my mom, dad @ i have been going to Quinns for about 14 yrs now and have spent alot of money. He has beautiful quality jewelery. My fiance just bought me a 2kt diamond ring and i absolutely love it. I have been to other jewerly stores to see what they all carry and they do not have the different styles as Quinns.. I will always shop at Quinns, trust me once u have been there u won't go any where else..

Deanne H.

My family has been doing business with Quinn's in Occoquan for a very long time now (1990's). We have had many amazing pieces of jewelry crafted just for us and just right. Recently I had an engagement ring custom-made for my finance that surpassed all our expectations. The work is amazing and all who have had an opportunity to see the ring are blown away by the extreme detail and craftsmanship. The ring had to be re-sized and the customer service spearheaded by Reza really has made us quite happy during the entire process. We have been and will be in the future coming back to Quinn's for all our jewelry needs, as they are my family's "trusted" jeweler. I would highly recommend them without reservation; many times over.

Adam C.

Thanks Reza and the folks at Quinn's Goldsmith. I have been struggling through the processing of finding the perfect ring for my fiance. I had gone to many different jewelers. I had tried big chains, small stores and never felt comfortable. I felt that most would do and say anything to make a sale.

This was supposed to be a happy time for me in my life but it became extremely stressful. One day I was at Kay jewelers just looking for new ideas or designs. I spoke with a jeweler that knew his store didn't have what I was looking for so he recommended Quinns to me. I took him up on his recommendation and made an appointment the following week. I called Quinns not expecting much, as my experience as of late hadn't been that great. I arrived on site and was immediately greeted and felt comfortable. I spoke with the sales woman for a short time before she brought Reza down to meet with me. We went over what I was looking for and he quickly went to work. This was exaclty what I was looking for in a jeweler. It is one thing to have the jewelry that I am looking for, but to also have the customer service and the ability to make an eager man at ease before take the biggest step in one's life is another.

The staff was etremely helpful and knowledgeable. Long story short, I had the perfect ring designed and paid for before i left the store. I cannot thank them enough. I would definitely recommend Quinn's to loved ones and friends. I have truly found my family's jewelers'. I look forward to working with them on the wedding rings.

Thanks again.

John A.

First of all, I am sorry that Amy B., and Ken D., had a less than desirable experience at Quinn's Goldsmith located in Occoquan. My only experience with Quinn's of Occoquan is stellar and the lengths at which Sydney (store mgr) and Rachael (sales) went to meet my needs was just awesome. I bought a ring for my great girlfriend which needed to be re-sized (made smaller). I called the store first and spoke with Sydney who told me that the turn-around time on jewelry modifications was taking about 10 days long because of upcoming Christmas day. I expressed my sense of urgency to Sydney and she very kindly asked me to bring the ring by and see what she can do to accommodate my requirement.

When I entered the store, I was greeted very warmly by Rachael and I explained to her what Sydney had instructed me to do...she asked for the ring and spoke with Sydney briefly about the matter. Sydney acknowledged what we had spoken about resizing the ring in a short period of time. Rachael took receipt of the ring and explained to me when I should receive a call from them about the exact pickup date. I dropped the ring off on Tuesday (12/11) and I received a call from them yesterday (12/13) that the ring was ready for pickup. I just picked up the ring this morning (12/14) and thanked both Sydney and Rachael for their efforts and genuine interest in having my ring ready for pickup. The original date for pickup was set for Monday (12/17), they completed the resizing 4 days in advance.

To those who read these reviews, I am a firm believer in hearing both sides of the story...well, now you have it. My recommendation for an honest goldsmith in the northern Virginia area has to be Quinn's in Occoquan. They went beyond normal customer service to meet my need and they were very sincere about it...that is customer service!

Thank you Sydney, Rachael and the goldsmith for all the time and effort that you all did for me. Thank you all very much.

Best regards,

Patrick C.

I have had 12 years of wonderful experiences with Quinn's in Occoquan - twelve YEARS. I can only speak positively of how well I have been treated there. My family her in VA will ONLY go to Quinn's for their jewelry and jewelry repairs. I have always been greeted with a smile (and an offer of a beverage/having my items cleaned for free), have had my needs/concerns listened to attentively and then addressed accurately, and have found their custom work to be amazing.

They made (from scratch) my wedding set and the fantastic craftsmanship is evident in its condition...perfect even with daily wear for over a decade. I made the mistake of going to another jeweler while out of state, only to find my item had been damaged and a diamond actually fell out of my setting (!!!); upon returning to VA, I immediately brought it to Quinn's. I knew I could count on Terry to make things right.

As for the negative review posted here, it's in complete opposition to all I've ever experienced myself at Quinn's. Perhaps it was a one-time incident, perhaps with misunderstandings involved? Either way, I was so surprised by it, I decided to write my own opinion/review, as I feel many perspectives should be presented so buyers/customers can make informed decisions.

I am confident you will be able to make your own decision immediately upon walking in the door - best wishes.

Annie S.

My fiance bought my engagement ring at Quinn's in Woodbridge and raved about the wonderful customer service. When I had to bring the ring in to get it re-sized, I was able to experience it for myself. I had been traveling a lot for work and was only in town for two days before having to hit the road again. Maggie and Laura took excellent care of me and my ring was resized from a size 7 1/2 to a size 5 1/2 in two days (and it was a holiday weekend to boot). They were absolutely wonderful. I would wholeheartedly recommend Quinn's in Woodbridge to anyone. My ring is gorgeous and the customer service really cannot be beat.

Christa S.

This is a new location for Quinn's and is located in the same shopping center as Wegmans. I went in here for a watch battery replacement. Normally, I pay around $18 for a watch battery at the Movado store however it does not include free lifetime battery replacements. Quinn's has 3 different price points for watch battery replacements. I am pretty sure I paid $39 for my battery replacement with lifetime free replacements. That's a pretty good deal considering watch batteries need to be replaced every 3 to 7 years. They have beautiful jewelry in the display cases and they can also custom design jewelry for you. Would definitely recommend this place for watch battery replacement! :)

Shy J.

After a HORRIBLE experience at another jeweler, Quinn's was a breath of fresh air. I would gladly purchase another piece at this location.

After my purchasing an engagement ring elsewhere, Quinn's in Occoquan offered to evaluate the damage to that ring (caused by the jeweler where I purchased it) to give me an honest opinion of whether it was permanently damaged or could be repaired. They offered this service FREE OF CHARGE. The ladies there helped to ease my worries and make me feel so good. I did end up returning the first ring I purchased elsewhere. The only reason I ended up buying at this location, was because they have a larger bridal collection. Quinn's has a small business feel with big business promises!

Robin M.

We visited multiple jewelers in the area in hopes to find the perfect engagement ring. After a few very bad experiences with snobby jewelers who are more like bad car salesman, we found Quinn's. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with a warm welcome and felt like part of the family. We had the pleasure of working with Laura, Mary Lou, and Terry and they were all wonderful! We found the perfect ring at the perfect price and we were treated with great care. I would recommend any of my friends/family to Quinn's and we will definitely be back for our wedding bands.

A N.

I recently went to Quinn's to upgrade my engagement ring and wedding band. Over about 4 or 5 visits Maggie took great care of me. After discussing what I wanted, she had Terry (the owner) order different diamonds for me to choose from. She also showed me numerous different settings. I never felt rushed into making a decision. Maggie was knowledgeable, patient and caring wanting me to be totally happy with my new rings, which I am. Furthermore, when I saw a wedding band I liked Terry made me one exactly the same in my size. Great service, great price. I couldn't be happier.

H W.

My boyfriend took me to Quinn's to get an idea of what kind of rings I like. We told the girl we weren't going to buy that day but she spent so much time with us anyway.she wrote down everything about us. My ring size , what i like and what I dont like.
.They have the biggest engagement ring selection I've ever seen. She also brought out diamonds that were not in rings for us to see. It was a top notch shopping experience from the moment we walked in to the beautiful store. I am hoping to have a new ring from Quinn's very soon.
Also, even thought I'm writing 3 $$$ it looks like they have everything.

Lisa K.

I went to Quinn's 2 to sell some old gold jewelry and get some new pieces. Everyone there are amazing. They are friendly and very professional. I had the pleasure to deal with
Margaret "Maggie" she is wonderful. She helped me to choose a bracelet, they put birthstones in it, beautiful.I also had one of my rings fixed. They offer you coffee or water. They spend all the time with you that you need, you don't feel like they are rushing you in any way. When you are ready to leave, they even open the door for you, that is service.

Lilian N.

The diamond in my wife's engagement ring was cleaved, and for our fifth anniversary, it felt right to get her another ring. After spending an hour and a half with Maggie, perusing estate pieces, new pieces and possible replacement stones, she helped me pick out a beautiful white gold diamond ring, with masterful bridgework. Maggie took the time needed to help me sort out what I was looking for, and what would please my wife. She had a depth of caring and understanding that is rare amongst sales personnel. I would absolutely recommend working with Maggie, and hope to do so again in the future!

Matt W.

Amazing experience with both stores. Reza took apart an inherited ring for me with great customer service. He let us watch and showed us each diamond after removing it from the prong. I appreciated that service since it was a very special piece from my grandmother. My fiance had the diamond set from that ring into a beautiful new modern setting he picked out from Quinn's. Terry Quinn met with my fiance and me multiple times to create beautiful custom wedding bands to fit my engagement ring. Him and his staff helped all along the molding, casting, diamond setting process and were happy to provide daily updates on the band's progress. Linda and Laura at the Woodbridge were always very accommodating and made me feel extremely special. I am extremely excited to have such a beautiful piece that is uniquely mine with the help of Quinn's Goldsmith!

Ash P.

I had a ring sized here. First, Keri made sure the jeweler could do the work, and explained to me the process of laser sizing. It was a bit more expensive than torch sizing, however, I knew my stone would be safe and the ring looks amazing! Keri also took all the time in the world to show me some other items in the store, and didn't at all make me feel pressured to buy anything. I would totally recommend this store for any of your jewelry needs. A++++ experience!

Kelly C.

5 stars for Quinn's. Beautiful jewelry and store. Terri and Keri are great.

Christina L.

Went to Quinn's on Saturday to look at diamond earrings ...my birthday present to celebrate my 50th! We looked around for a few minutes while the sales team was helping other customers. And as soon as they were available we got amazing service! While we had done our homework on what to look for when diamond shopping, they continued to educate us so we knew what we were buying...an incredibly important component to feeling good about a major investment.

When we left Saturday, we really hadn't decided anything.... But as we continued to look at other jewelers, it got clearer and clearer that not only did we prefer the quality of Quinn's selection (and not just among their diamond studs), but the total experience was brilliant. The customer service was superb, the inventory was gorgeous and their prices are competitive.

Quinn's Goldsmith will get my repeat business any time I'm in the market for quality jewelry. I welcomed every bit of guidance they provided and the warmth in their sales team. In the end, though we'd just met the day before, I felt like we were making a purchase from old friends who just wanted what was best for me.

PS. We got the earrings at Quinn's and I will wear them at my birthday party next weekend!

Michelle Z.

Great service. They offered us drinks and were very patent with my 2 year old son who liked toughing their Christmas decorations. They even made gave him a balloon. We got a ring resized and were satisfied with the workmanship. They did try selling us various pendent and rings while we were in there but they weren't too pushy.

Ben R.

I can't say enough GOOD things!?
By Christine - Jan 16, 2010

My husband purchased my diamond engagement ring while stationed in the middle east. Beautiful diamond, very plain setting and matching band that we wanted to upgrade. Quinn's had GORGEOUS bridal sets for sale, and an amazing staff to help me navigate the process. Once I fell in love with my new setting, I had to hand over my prized diamond ring. I couldn't part with it-my husband is still serving overseas and I didn't want to be far from my ring! Sydney promised me that she would try to get it done ASAP, and hopefully I could have it back on Monday (this was Friday). I reluctantly gave her my ring, and browsed the store while waiting for a friend to meet me. I joked that I was going to sleep in the store to stay close to my ring, and a few minutes later, I was STUNNED when Sydney presented me with my NEW bridal set, with my old diamond set in! I know it's not usual for them, but I'm so grateful that they saw how sad i was to leave my ring, and did everything they could to make me happy! I will NEVER go anywhere else! They have a customer for life-no matter where we move to!!

Thank you Reza for doing such excellent work on my ring! I loved it before but it is amazing now. I hope you took a picture of it and will post it on facebook. It is awesome!!!!
Suzi Ashby

VJ was great working with my new husband on finding a band perfect for him. He listened to everything that he wanted and didn't want in his new ring. Not only did we buy a ring for him but a band for myself on a not-so typical engagement ring. A shock to us that there was a band that would even fit my engagement ring. Thanks to Quinn on making our special day even better!

Thanks Quinn's for the prize and most of all for the help when we were there picking out the engagement ring a few months ago!
The lucky grand opening diamond winners!
Ben Sims and Kellie Phillips

"QUINNS GOLDSMITH is the best small business. Terry Quinn is the most giving person in the world and that explains the reason for his incredible success. "It is better to give than to receive"-----that is the motto he runs his business by. We all love you and your wonderful staff, Terry."

By Joanne Ingledue

The best customer service I have ever had was at Quinn's 2!! I went in after after going to six other jewlery stores, I walked in here and was greeted instantly. I was here looking to purchase an engagement ring which (for me atleast) is one of the most stressful things I've had to do. After saying what I was here for Maggie jump at the chance to help. Out of every other store I had been to NO one helped me as much or as well as Maggie did. She asked me questions about my fiance to-be to try and get a good picture of what she would like. Maggie showed me alot of options and helped me find a rIng that fits here perfect. She didn't try to push the most expensive thing at me, which I felt is what every other place does. My experience there will bring me back just because of the staff. I wanted to tell Maggie THANK YOU again, and I will be back when we pick out our wedding bands.

D. j .R's Reviews

I have never met anyone nicer than the people that work at Quinns!!! If you want quality jewelry and quality service with a smile? You MUST go here! The loveliest people you would ever want to meet work here!!!

By Mary Teter

Thanks Terry Quinn for supporting our Hurray for Hollywood gala and donating the beautiful diamond earrings! Not only does Quinn's have spectacular jewelry but they are so very generous and community minded!

Karen A. Wayne

Beautiful jewelry, personal service - Quinn's is the ONLY place to shop for the special people in your life.

Tina Jenkins

What a great place to find quality jewelry for a special person. The staff at Quinns' will take the best of care in helping you find what you're looking for :)

Dan Stephens

Quinn's is a wonderful, local, friendly shop! My fiance had them purchase an aquamarine for my engagement ring and we designed it together at Quinn's. Reza did an incredible job - I get so many compliments! I highly recommend you frequent Quinn's for your jewelry

Lindsay Ingram

Sydney and Reza, Thank you for all your hardwork customizing diamond and ruby earrings to complement my necklace. I appreciate the time you spent with me designing the earrings; as well as giving me and my husband the opportunity to selet the stones. I waited a long time to purchase these earrings and am glad I made the decision to do so thru Quinn's Goldsmith.

You have far exceeded my expectations and provided me with the quality craftmanship I was seeking.

I feel very fortunate and proud to have you as my personal jewelry store.

Joanne Willis